Facilities for exchanging ideas

In addition to the main facility (the arena), Osaka-Jo Hall has a convention hall, the Shiromi Exhibition Hall, a Sub Hall, and other various facilities that can be used according to the needs and contents of users.

Convention Hall

Well suited workshops or seminars.The convention hall is fully equipped with up-to-date sound and visual systems to hold dignified events. When used in conjunction with the four adjacent large and small conference rooms it supports an even wider range of applications.

Width: 10.5 m
Length: 14.5 m
Ceiling: 3.1 m
Area: 159 m2
Capacity: 150
Seating capacity: 120 (in a lecture format)
150 (in a movie theater format)

Shiromi Hall

Best for hosting exhibitions and fairs. This free space can be utilized to accommodate various concepts and ideas. Situated on the east side of Osaka-Jo Hall, the Shiromi Hall attracts many passers-by strolling through Osaka Castle Park.

Area: 827 m2
Floor: carpet

Sub Hall

This hall can serve as a sub-event hall when used in conjunction with the main arena during large-scale events. It can also be used to host casual ceremonies, parties, or receptions with the cooperation of nearby restaurants.

Width: 32.4 m
Length: 16.8 m
Height under beams: 4.78 m
Area: 544 m2
Floor: Wood flooring
Separate dressing rooms for men and woment