Every effort taken for quality, safety, and comfort

Safety measures are a top priority: The latest fire detection system has been built into the arena and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have also been installed for emergency situations to ensure a safe, relaxed, enjoyable time.

We respond to our users' voices: a Radio LAN system has been installed in the anteroom areas in addition to other renovations carried out according to visitor suggestions.

We update and replace equipment frequently and make use of our experience so as to respond to users' requests and produce customized stage effects.


This 280-inch screen can be raised or lowered, and can display vivid images that will enhance any performance.

Central Speaker

This high-output speaker is located in the center of the ceiling, and the arena's reverberation time is 1.45 seconds, which is ideal for a large-scale arena hosting a variety of events. As a result, the sound system has earned a remarkably high reputation.

Satellite Speakers

18 satellite speakers have been placed around the ceiling taking into consideration the time lag between each speaker. Enhancing sound quality to provide a clear, live audio experience, these speakers bring the event's passion and excitement to every seat in the audience.

Video Control Booth

The quality of the video stream shown over Astrovision is controlled here to provide the best visual impact. TV broadcasts and DVD recordings can also be made through this sophisticated system.

Sound Control Booth

Sounds systems are controlled by computers and engineers can vary the acoustic quality and produce different audio effects using the central speaker and 18 satellite speakers.

Lighting Control Booth

Engineers use a computerized memory dimmer system, which helps to create special stage effects tailored to the needs of each production.

Stage System

Standard stage (portable unit)

21.6 m

12.6 m

1.2 m, 1.8 m

Lifting capacity:
24 tons

1 Yamaha CF, 1 Steinway Battens, special hanging points

Sound System

Central speaker:

Satellite speakers:

Sound settings programmed by computer.
Stage-side temporary speakers, etc.

Lighting System

Computerized dimmer system, spotlights, pendant lights, etc.

Large Video Display ("Astrovision")

6.14 m

3.46 m (280 in.)R/B/PG full-color LEDs

Input device:
Color TV cameras, VTRs, DVs, and VDRs

Can be raised/lowered.

Facilities for the disabled

Toilets for the physically disabled (in 7 locations)
Elevators (1 on South side, 1 on East side)