Arena formations for all purposes

The arena, measuring an area of 3,500 m2, can be configured to a multitude of layouts to suit different needs and settings such as concerts, ceremonies, sports events, and exhibitions, providing varying stage effects to best enhance the show.


Stand seating (fixed) 9,000
Standing room 2,500

Layout A

This layout provides extra space, and is best for concerts and ceremonies.
Maximum capacity: 6,200


Arena seating (movable) 2,500
Stand seating (fixed) 3,700

Layout B

Best for large-scale concerts and ceremonies.
Maximum capacity: 10,500


Arena seating (movable) 4,000
Stand seating (fixed) 6,500

Layout C

This center-stage layout utilizes the hall to its fullest capacity and is best for sports events and concerts.
Maximum capacity: 16,000


Arena seating (movable) 4,500
Stand seating (fixed) 9,000
Standing room 2,500

Building specifications 3 floors and a basement

Building area:
19,351.22 m2

Total floor area:
36,173.80 m2

Arena Seating capacity

Stand seating (fixed):

Arena seating (movable):
4,500 max

83.4 m

48.2 m

21 m

3,500 m2

Urethane resin finish (concrete base)

7 rooms either with an area of 14 m2 (for 2 people) or 256 m2 (for 50 people)

[photo] vip room

VIP Room

VIPS are received here in this tranquil and refined atmosphere.

[photo] Conference Rooms

Anterooms/Conference Rooms

These serve as waiting rooms for performers, participants, or staffers at conferences and events. There are a total of 17 rooms accommodating 2 to 50 people.

Conference Rooms

Arena: 7 rooms either with an area of 21 m2 (for 6 people) or 59 m2 (for 12 people). South building: The “Naniwa” Room sized 96 m2 (for 26 people), 4 conference rooms with either an area of 21 m2 or 43 m2 (both for 12 people).

[photo] Restaurant


The restaurant seats 120 and includes a banquet room that can accommodate 15 people.
The entire restaurant may be reserved for parties. Catering services also available.